A Weak Organizational Culture

A weak organizational culture could be one that is loosely knit. It may encourage individual thought and contributions and in a company that needs to grow through innovation, it could be a valuable asset.

If the participants in this group, at least have the same goal (e.g. to help the company grow) then this can make for a vibrant, forward thinking work force that assists management in forming plans for the future.

If the people in this group are too individual, it can lead to conflict between the participants or the participants and management. In this scenario the culture of the individual participant has taken over and only their way is the correct way, so there is not any meaningful communication between the participants and the company cannot grow, even though it has plenty of innovation.

A happy medium seems to be necessary to maintain a viable, progressive company. One that has some structured organizational culture, as in the strong culture, with enough lea way and encouragement for the individual thinker/innovator to thrive.

Organizational Culture